National-Games-260x195This year JCYSL has the privilege to send two teams to the AYSO National Games host in Torrance and Riverside California. Both team will participate in a week long of events that runs from June 29 through July 7. These events include the opening ceremony, SoccerFest, age specific tournament, LA Galaxy, and many other special events. To participate in the National Games, both teams will be doing fundraisers and asking for sponsorships and donations. We are asking for the soccer community’s support for both of these teams.

Let’s Meet The Teams

U-10 Boys Team (Jefferson County United)

Coached By: Peter Pentony

Team E-mail:

The Jefferson County United has started their fundraising campaign. One of their primary fundraisers will be the JCYSL program. The program will feature ads and pictures supporting all team in JCYSL. To be a sponsor in the program, please submit one of the corresponding forms below. The deadline to be a sponsor is March 22, 2014.



U-16 Girls Team (The Beast)

Coached By: Denise Beaty

Team E-mail:

The Beast will be selling hot coffee and baked goods at the fields on Saturday mornings as one of their fundraisers. Additionally, team members will be collecting pledges and run the 5K portion of the Harpers Ferry Half Marathon ( on May 10th.