Safety Alert – Broken U-10 Goal

Yesterday evening an unfortunate event happened at the Charles Town U-10 fields.  A repaired goal came apart during warm-ups.  Fortunately no one was injured.  Thank you to Lisa Blankenship, Mike Hanscom, Sarah Smith, and other coaches for handling the situation.

Effective immediately, JCYSL will no longer repair goals.  The Region will purchase replacements for those goals in need of repair.  Repairing the goals are placing a liability on Region and is risking the safety of all JCYSL’s members.

The Region will be voting on Monday to purchase a set of U-10 goals for the Charles Town fields.  It will take about 10 days for the goals to be delivered.  Once those arrive volunteers will be needed to assemble the goals.  Until then we will be 1 goal short for practices.  Coaches, I am asking that you rotate evenings between the 3 goals until the replacements are delivered.

Lastly, coaches please do a goal check before your practices and games.  If the goal is questionable, do not practice on it and notify your Division Director.  For game days, please notify a board member of the issue.

We appreciate your cooperation and attention to the matter.


Matt Byers – Regional Commissioner

AYSO Region 322

Jefferson County Youth Soccer League

Special Announcement – Make-up Games

Please remember that only make-up games are being played tomorrow.  Please check the schedule and if you have 10/10/2015, you are playing tomorrow.

The U-5 program will run tomorrow at 10:30AM.

Lastly, information concerning last weeks rain-out/reschedule will be distributed next week.

Matt Byers – JCYSL Regional Commissioner
AYSO Region 322

Special Announcement – Games Cancelled


Due to the amount of rain that our has already received and the anticipation of more throughout today and tomorrow,  the JCYSL Regional Board has decided to cancel all games for Saturday, October 3.

We are requesting a contract extension to allow the games to be rescheduled on Saturday, November 14.  This action will require a board vote.  The vote will be requested once the extension has been granted by JCPRC.  I do not anticipate any issues with extension or vote.  However, this is the process we must follow.

On Sunday, members of the JCYSL Regional Board will start evaluating the fields for next week’s practices.  We may have to close fields due to over saturation which makes for unsafe playing conditions and damages the fields.  These decisions will be on a day-to-day basis.  We will make every attempt to have notifications send out and posted by 4PM.  Hopefully, sooner as we can get eyes on the fields.

We are requesting patience as work through the inclement weather issues and the rescheduling process.  As update happen, we will send emails, text alerts, and post to our web site and Facebook.

Matt Byers – JCYSL Regional Commissioner

AYSO Region 322

Jefferson County Youth Soccer League

PO Box 1287

Harpers Ferry, WV. 25425


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