Special Announcement – Games Cancelled


Due to the amount of rain that our has already received and the anticipation of more throughout today and tomorrow,  the JCYSL Regional Board has decided to cancel all games for Saturday, October 3.

We are requesting a contract extension to allow the games to be rescheduled on Saturday, November 14.  This action will require a board vote.  The vote will be requested once the extension has been granted by JCPRC.  I do not anticipate any issues with extension or vote.  However, this is the process we must follow.

On Sunday, members of the JCYSL Regional Board will start evaluating the fields for next week’s practices.  We may have to close fields due to over saturation which makes for unsafe playing conditions and damages the fields.  These decisions will be on a day-to-day basis.  We will make every attempt to have notifications send out and posted by 4PM.  Hopefully, sooner as we can get eyes on the fields.

We are requesting patience as work through the inclement weather issues and the rescheduling process.  As update happen, we will send emails, text alerts, and post to our web site and Facebook.

Matt Byers – JCYSL Regional Commissioner

AYSO Region 322

Jefferson County Youth Soccer League

PO Box 1287

Harpers Ferry, WV. 25425


Web Site: www.jcysl.org

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/jcysl

Twitter:  www.twitter.com/jcysl

Game Schedules Posted

JCYSL Fall 2015 Practice Schedule

Spring Field Day Rescheduled

Field day has been rescheduled for Saturday, March 28th at 9AM.  The following tasks need to be completed so that practices can begin Monday, March 20th.

A. Shepherdstown fields need the following:

1. U-12 north goal needs 1 anchor.

2. U-8 Girls north goal needs 2 anchors and zip ties for securing the net to the top of the goal.

3. U-8 Girls south goal needs zip ties for securing the net to the side of the goals.

4. U-10 Southeast goal needs 1 anchor.

5. U-10 Northwest goal needs 2 anchors.

We have 5 extra sand bags on the U-14 north goal and 3 extra sand bags on the U-14 south goal that need to be transported to the goals that lack anchors.

The zip ties and trash bags are in a (5) gallon bucket in the shed.  The shed needs some cleaning and the trash bags are to be disposed properly in the trash cans near the pavilion.

B.  Charles Town fields need the following:

1. Replace 1 net on U-8 Girl north goal and 1 net on U-10 Northwest goal. Nets and zip ties will be provided.

2. Repair net for U-14 South goal and U10 Northeast goal.

3. U-8 Boys south goal needs 3 anchors – in the shed

4. Measuring, marking and painting lines for each field.  Paint sprayer and spray paint to be provided.

Volunteers from each division are needed to ensure their fields are prepared on the 30th.

String, trash bags and zip ties are in the shed.

Anyone with experience operating a gas powered paint sprayer is needed.  Bring wrenches in case troubleshooting is required.

I will be present early on Saturday at the Charles Town field and I can be available by phone if any volunteers have questions at the Shepherdstown field 571-612-0061.

Those that want to volunteer painting the lines and/or to check on the field conditions can reach me via cell phone 571-612-0061.

Thank you,

Hank Barlow – JCYSL Field Director