Player Equipment

Per the FIFA Laws of the Game, the following equipment is required during every match.

  • a jersey or shirt with sleeves
  • shorts
  • stockings (socks) – should always cover the shinguard.
  • shinguards – worn underneath the sock and held into place against the skin by the sock.
  • footwear (no baseball or football cleats)

The following are prohibited:

  • A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself or another player (including any kind of jewelery).
    • Jewelry includes earrings, bracelets (including friendship and Live Strong type bracelets), necklaces, watches, and other body piercings.
      • Medical alert bracelets and necklaces are permitted ONLY if the item is taped properly to skin or to the inside of the jersey.
    • Hair Control Devices should be made of soft material.
      • No metal or plastic head bands, barrettes, bobby pins.
      • The soft material should not be tied in a knot.
    • Cast and Splints are not allowed during practices or matches.
      • A cast/splint is there to help an injury heal. If an injury is healing, then the player should NOT be playing.
      • Whether the cast/splint is hard or soft, if it contains any hard materials it is prohibited for practices and matches.
      • Removing the cast/splint in front of a coach, referee, or other Regional volunteer to practice or play a match is not legal.  If a volunteer has seen it, then the removal should be accompanied by a doctor’s release.
      • Casts and splints cannot be wrapped in a protective material for player to practice or play in match.
      • Cast and splints may not be accompanied by a doctor’s note for a player to practice or play in match.
    • Jerseys cannot be knotted.  This presents a safety concern as landing on the knot could cause a severe injury.


FIFA Laws of the Game – AYSO Edition

Concerns can be addressed to the Regional Referee Administrator or the Safety Director.