Spring Field Day Rescheduled

Field day has been rescheduled for Saturday, March 28th at 9AM.  The following tasks need to be completed so that practices can begin Monday, March 20th.

A. Shepherdstown fields need the following:

1. U-12 north goal needs 1 anchor.

2. U-8 Girls north goal needs 2 anchors and zip ties for securing the net to the top of the goal.

3. U-8 Girls south goal needs zip ties for securing the net to the side of the goals.

4. U-10 Southeast goal needs 1 anchor.

5. U-10 Northwest goal needs 2 anchors.

We have 5 extra sand bags on the U-14 north goal and 3 extra sand bags on the U-14 south goal that need to be transported to the goals that lack anchors.

The zip ties and trash bags are in a (5) gallon bucket in the shed.  The shed needs some cleaning and the trash bags are to be disposed properly in the trash cans near the pavilion.

B.  Charles Town fields need the following:

1. Replace 1 net on U-8 Girl north goal and 1 net on U-10 Northwest goal. Nets and zip ties will be provided.

2. Repair net for U-14 South goal and U10 Northeast goal.

3. U-8 Boys south goal needs 3 anchors – in the shed

4. Measuring, marking and painting lines for each field.  Paint sprayer and spray paint to be provided.

Volunteers from each division are needed to ensure their fields are prepared on the 30th.

String, trash bags and zip ties are in the shed.

Anyone with experience operating a gas powered paint sprayer is needed.  Bring wrenches in case troubleshooting is required.

I will be present early on Saturday at the Charles Town field and I can be available by phone if any volunteers have questions at the Shepherdstown field 571-612-0061.

Those that want to volunteer painting the lines and/or to check on the field conditions can reach me via cell phone 571-612-0061.

Thank you,

Hank Barlow – JCYSL Field Director



Spring 2015 Field Day Postponed

Attention JCYSL Players, Parents, Coaches, and Referees

Field day has been postponed until Saturday, March 28th at 9AM.

New information will be released on Sunday afternoon.

The tentative plan is to work on Shepherdstown during the week and complete Charles Town on Saturday.

This will move opening day back to Saturday, April 11th.

Fall 2014 U-12 Coach Training Class

Coach, Kids, and TeamJCYSL is offering a fall 2014 U-12 Coach Training.  The class will take place on Sunday, October 26th at the Sam Michael’s Community Center.  The time for the training is 12PM to 5PM.  Please contact our Regional Coach Administrator, Heather Ramirez at rca@jcysl.org with interest.  The class needs 6 participants to run.  Coaches wishing to coach at the upper division should plan attend as this class is a requirement for the Intermediate and Advanced Coach Training.

Youth Soccer Nights Announced

Youth Soccer Night

Wear your AYSO Jersey and get in FREE!

Show off those stripes and/or your 50th Anniversary Logos!!!!



Tuesday, October 14th

Jefferson High School vs. Washington High School

Boys JV – 5:30 PM

Boys Varsity – 7:00 PM

WHS Logo

Saturday, October 18th

Washington High School vs. Wheeling Park High School

Boys JV – 11:00 AM

Boys Varsity – 1:00 PM

Girls JV – 3:00 PM

Girls Varsity – 5:00 PM

* Players must be accompanied by a parent.

Coach Training Offered on Saturday, August 16th

Coach Training SessionThe following AYSO coach training will be offered on Saturday, August 16th at Wildwood Middle School.  The address for Wildwood Middle School is 1209 Shenandoah Junction Rd, Shenandoah Jct, WV 25442.  All classes will begin at 8:30 AM and will until the following end times.

  • U-6 & U-8: 12PM
  • U-10 & U-12: 2PM

Please contact our Regional Coach Administrator, Heather Ramirez, at rca@jcysl.org for more details.

JCYSL Upper Division Announcement

Dear JCYSL Parents of the U14, U16, U19 Divisions,

In an effort to successfully promote our six philosophies including age appropriate player development and safety, we have changed the breakdown of our upper level divisions.  We have not only solicited parent feedback on this topic but have also held many discussions during our open board meetings each month surrounding this age level.  We have also spoken with other area regions who also follow the same age upper level age guidelines as we are implementing this season.
read more…

2014 National Games

National-Games-260x195This year JCYSL has the privilege to send two teams to the AYSO National Games host in Torrance and Riverside California. Both team will participate in a week long of events that runs from June 29 through July 7. These events include the opening ceremony, SoccerFest, age specific tournament, LA Galaxy, and many other special events. To participate in the National Games, both teams will be doing fundraisers and asking for sponsorships and donations. We are asking for the soccer community’s support for both of these teams. read more…