Fundraising F.A.Q.

Why is JCYSL raising this money?

We need to raise enough money to match a grant from the Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund.  These grant dollars will help build new soccer fields at the Hite Road Park and have not been awarded yet.

Who applied for the grant?

Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Commission with significant assistance from JCYSL.

How much money will come from the grant?

Up to $100,000.

Why all the fundraising – how much does Jefferson County Youth Soccer League need to raise?
Approximately $40,000. We have $60,000 ready to put toward our matching portion.  We will post weekly updates on and at the “JCYSL What’s Happening Table” at the Charles Town fields.
How much will it cost to build the fields?

This is not an easy answer.  The beginning phases of the Hite Road Park Development will cost around $1M.  This initial phase includes road development, grading, stormwater management, and other features that include development of the soccer fields.  The soccer fields will be the first usable feature of the park.  The Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Commission is prepared to fund the balance of the project costs once we receive the grant monies.

When will the new fields be ready?

This is difficult to predict as funding is somewhat tied to the budget negotiations in Washington, DC.  However, we are hopeful that we can be on the new fields in late 2012 or early 2013.

Can I see the plan for the fields?

Yes.  We have a map at the fields every Saturday and the Hite Road Park Master Plan is available on line at our website – – go to the “Fundraising Notes” section.  You can also go online directly to

Where is Hite Road Park located?

Near the Bardane Business Park.  The Master Plan contains maps that show the location best.

Have they started clearing the land?

No.  They are currently performing some required land studies before construction can begin.

Does JCYSL own the land and are we building the park by ourselves?

Jefferson County owns the land and we are merely helping them build the soccer fields.  Our assistance will allow us priority access to the fields.

Why isn’t Jefferson County Parks and Rec paying for them?

Jefferson County Parks and Rec is paying the bulk of costs associated with the soccer fields.  To date, they have purchased the land and funded the development of the Master Plan for the Park.  They will fund about 80% of the 1st phase of park construction and will likely fund most of the subsequent phases of the park.

Are the other sports associations helping to pay?

The entire park will consist of more than soccer fields, but if we are successful in our fundraiser, we will be the first organization to use the new park.  Football and baseball fields are planned for this space and when the associated fields are developed, those organizations will likely contribute to the costs in some manner.

Are we raising our registration rates?

Not for the 2011-12 season.  We continue to be sensitive to the economic difficulties in our county and hope to keep the rates steady for as long as possible.

Where can I find updates on the development of new fields?

Since there have not been any recent “newsworthy” developments recently, there really has been no significant information to share since the development of the Master Plan for the park.  The best way to keep up with any information associated with the park is to visit the JCPRC website ( or call them directly.

Do you need help with fundraising?

Yes –  JCYSL is made up of 100 percent volunteers who volunteer their time and energy to the league and toward new field development for the players. If you can help even a little bit, contact Specific needs are:  a. Set up, cook, cleanup, and/or serve at Pancake Dinner; b. Contacting businesses for donations; c. Ideas for more fundraising; and many more.

If I can’t volunteer my time, what can I do to help?

Spread the word!! Tell friends, family, coworkers about our efforts. Visit the “JCYSL What’s Happening Table” in the middle of the Charles Town fields every Saturday where we will have updates on our progress.  Support JCYSL any way you can!