Regional Contacts

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Board PositionMember
Regional Regional CommissionerMatt Byers - [email protected]
Ph: (304) 362-9965
Regional Referee AdministratorBill Lukens - [email protected]
Regional Coach AdministratorHeather Ramirez - [email protected]
RegistrarLisa Fresch - [email protected]
Giordana Baker - [email protected]
SecretaryKim Brannan - [email protected]
CVPAMatthew Parker - [email protected]
Safety DirectorMike Hanscom - [email protected]
Field DirectorWe Need You Here!
U-5Mary Reynolds - [email protected]
U-6Sara Smith - [email protected]
U-8Jackie Gore - [email protected]
U-10Matt Byers (Acting) - [email protected]
U-12Lisa Fresch (Acting) - [email protected]
U-14 / U-15Lisa Blankenship - [email protected]
U-19Matt Byers (Acting) - [email protected]
Web MasterMatt Byers
PhotographyMary Reynolds
UniformLiz Sarra
TrophiesSusan Reichel
Field DevelopmentPaul Marshall
Fundraising!! WE NEED YOU HERE !!

Our Mailing Address:
P.O Box 1287
Harpers Ferry, WV 25425