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Registration Information

Beginning with fall 2017, JCYSL will be utilizing an online registration system.  This system will process online payments only via the following payment methods:  Credit Card, Debit Card, or Pre-Paid Credit Card.  If you do not have a credit or debit card, we recommend purchasing a pre-paid credit card.  The pre-paid credit card will allow you to pay the required registration fees.

JCYSL registration runs on a yearly cycle.  In May of each year, registration will open for the following AYSO year (July 1st - June 30th).  This means you will be registering for a fall and spring season with JCYSL.  The current cost for registration is $95 full year and $70 for a single season.  This includes a non-refundable AYSO Player Fee of $20.00.  JCYSL recommends registering for the full year as it will save you money.  If you register for fall only, and decide to extend to the spring season.  The cost is $50.  Now you paid $120 instead of $95.

When registering with JCYSL, you will need a copy of your player's birth certificate.  The file will need to be uploaded into the registration system.  Once your player's age is verified, the file is deleted from the system.  If you do not feel comfortable uploading this information, you need to upload file stating that and work with the JCYSL Registrar to complete the age verification process.  This will cause a delay in registering your player.

JCYSL understands the children are involved in multiple activities.  However, we will not be able accept requests for certain practice days, a certain coach, or play-up / play-down.  There is no way JCYSL can accommodate these requests for 650+ players.  We also ask that you be cognizant of your players activities.  Since JCYSL is an all volunteer league, all weekdays and Saturdays should be left open from mid August until November (fall season) and mid March until June (spring season).  We ask this as our volunteer coaches select their practice days.  If your players schedule is more open then when a coach and practice days are assigned, conflicts with other activities are less likely to happen.

Volunteer Registration Fee

New for AYSO this year is the Volunteer Registration Fee.  This $25 fee covers the newly enhanced background checks as well as the maintenance of the AYSO online training system.  JCYSL has decided to cover the $25 fee within its annual budget.  This is a new process of AYSO and JCYSL.  Our registration system is supposed to charge JCYSL the $25 fee.  However, with any new process and system there will be issues.  If you find that you are being charged the $25 fee, please contact us a [email protected] so that we can work the issue.

AYSO Age Determination

New to JCYSL, AYSO will be changing from a school year registration to a birth year registration in order to align with other  American youth soccer program providers interpretation of the U.S. Soccer Player Development Initiatives.

The effective date of age determination for registration shall be the player's age as of December 31 looking ahead of the Membership Year. Example: For the fall 2019 / spring 2020 soccer year the child will be placed in the division based on age as of December 31, 2020. 

To help in determining the proper age and division for players, the chart to the right is provided and guidelines and rules are as follows from U.S. Soccer. 

How does it really work? Registration for the fall 2019 / spring 2020 soccer year a player that is presently 11 and turns 12 at any time in 2020 will be in the 12U division.  If a player is presently 12, but turns 13 during the fall of 2019 or in 2020, s/he will be in 15U.

How Does the Wait-list Work?

JCYSL can only create teams based on the number of coach volunteers. Once these team are filled based on maximum roster numbers published in AYSO National Rules and Regulations; the wait-list starts.  Movement in the wait-list is dependent on many things.  The first being that players decide not to play, and this allows us to move players from the wait-list to a team.   This of course is the easiest but the slowest process.

The next process is more complicated, but can move players quickly.  We must wait to see if we have enough players to make a team.  The goal of course would be enough to make two teams as no one likes bye weekends.  But we have made exceptions.  If we have enough to make a team then we must get a volunteer to coach the team.  This again is complicated because getting a volunteer can be tough, they must pass the background check, and complete the minimum AYSO training.

Please know that our Division Directors are checking the system constantly to see if we can move the wait-list.  If we do move the wait-list, it is based on your order submission date. Additionally, you will receive a notification that your player has been transferred and payment is expected.

Our recommendation is to remain on the wait-list as this cost you nothing.  We never know if the wait-list will move quickly or not. However, remaining on it gives you a better chance to be placed on a team.  Additionally, if more players decide to register in the spring we can move the wait-list based on priority.

Please understand that JCYSL attempts to get as many players playing the game of soccer. Unfortunately, we are limited by the number of volunteers that are willing to coach.  This leads us to being more conservative when we generate the number of teams for each division.

To start the registration process, click Register Now on this page. If you need assistance with registration, please contact us at [email protected].

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