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From the highest levels of football to the youngest recreation leagues around the world, one of the most consistent complaints about refereeing is the lack of consistency.  While different leagues place different levels of importance on different aspects of the game, even within those leagues you see a wide range of what is acceptable and what is called on the field.  This comes from varying levels of experience, an inability to apply the laws appropriately to different ages, and a lack of knowledge of the laws.  It is my hope to provide a platform where we, as a league, can become a unified refereeing team.

The topics I’ll write about are things I’ve been asked to clarify, things I wish I had known earlier in my journey, and things I see as potential problems.  I’ll also be happy to find answers to questions you may have.  I’ll provide references where needed and I will definitely let you know when my words are my opinion.  I will never call someone out, unless you tell me to use your name, but I may use situations witnessed in our league.  I’m not trying to create any division, but unity.  I’m here to help grow our referee program.  I’m not perfect, so let me know when I’m wrong or if you don’t agree.  Laws change and sometimes, we remember things that no longer exist, or we remember things taught to us that were wrong to begin with.

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